Our casual services include alterations on shirts, blouses, coats, slacks, pants, shorts, and outerwear. Our services are not limited to the items listed below. For a professional opinion on the type of services, your item(s) requires, please bring the item(s) to our location!

BA (9)

Tops and Outerwear:

  • Shorten or Lengthen Sleeves
    • With/without buttons and cuffs
    • Adjust plackets
  • Taper Sides
  • Add or Remove Darts
  • Take-in/Let-out sides
  • Add facing


  • Hem with an original finish
  • Hem with a regular finish
  • Hem by hands
  • Take-in waist
    • Seat in/out
    • Waistband
    • Crotch-in
  • Taper
  • Replace Zipper
  • Recut